Finding God's Purpose for the Next Season of Your Life

It’s Time to rethink life after work.


People talk about retirement like it’s supposed to be an endless vacation—sandy beaches, social security benefits, unlimited possibilities. But what if, like the majority of those facing retirement, you can’t afford such a luxury? Or, what if you just want something more?

Retirement needs a new story.

Learn how to discern what it is by taking an uncommon approach. Jeff Haanen looks biblically and practically at the need for rest and purpose in retirement. And teaches you how to:

  • Take a sabbatical rest in early retirement

  • Listen to God’s voice for their calling in retirement

  • Rethink “work” in retirement

  • Understand family systems and leaving a legacy

Planning retirement doesn’t have to be distressing. Retire in a way that’s God-honoring, purpose-filled, restful, and truly biblical.