What People Are Saying…

“This is the most comprehensive treatment of retirement from a Christian perspective that I’ve seen yet. Haanen’s counsel is wisdom for adults of every generation today: not only for current retirees and boomers, but also for Gen-Xers and millennials, whose choices now will dramatically impact their flourishing in life’s latter years.”

Andy Olsen // Managing Editor at Christianity Today magazine

“With the growing population of men and women coming into their retirement, I hope that Haanen’s good work will be “an uncommon guide” for many, its rich reading of the idea of calling threading its way through the years of life for everyone everywhere.”

Steven Garber // Professor of Marketplace Theology at Regent College; Author of Visions of Vocation

“Finding the place where God’s fire burns in your heart to serve your neighbor and bring joy to your own life—here is the task for those of us entering retirement. I’m convinced Jeff’s book, An Uncommon Guide to Retirement, is a great resource for those who want to challenge cultural assumptions about retirement and find new ways to serve God for a lifetime.”

Bradford Hewitt // Retired CEO of Thrivent Financial